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J-LiU - Let's Play A Game (Part 3)

WANNA PLAY A GAME?! Hip Hop artist J-LiU brings to you yet another solid hit, one that I guarantee all Hip Hop fans will love for sure! Let the video speak for itself, press play and enjoy! WATCH/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE

Wozzie - Swag/Wave

You can always count on Hip Hop artist Wozzie for an OUTSTANDING hit and this time, HE HAS TWO! His new "Swag" & "Wave" videos are without a doubt MUST WATCH content! If you haven't seen these videos yet, be sure to check them out and show love! WATCH/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE

95 Series (Crime Drama Web Series)

95 is the newest, most controversial series on the internet. This series is all about scandal, corruption, greed, and violence; hallmarks of the East Coast's largest trafficking corridor. This nonstop action thriller will have you at the edge of your seat and always wanting more. Set in the "Interstate 95" area, but based out of Newark, New Jersey, 95 exposes the in-depth workings of the criminal underworld and it's reach to the heights of the power structure. WATCH/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE

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richiehardo.com (Beats)

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Miss Lady Shadow ft. Chloe Crush - Kicks & Stilettos

Miss Lady Shadow just dropped her OUTSTANDING new "Kicks & Stilettos" video ft. Chloe Crush & it is on FIRE! These two beautiful, very talented ladies on this hit single together? ... PERFECTION!

Khansentrait - It Don't Phase Me

The Bay Area's own Hip Hop artist Khansentrait is one phenomenal up and coming lyricist who brings to you a nice, chill kind of single, something any Hip Hop fan can vibe to for sure! His new "It Don't Phase Me" video is a MUST WATCH if you're looking for the perfect combination of great visuals, a hot beat, and quality lyrics! WATCH/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE

JLiU feat. Lar$$en - Shade

This new "Shade" video by Hip Hop artists JLiU & Lar$$en has the whole world buzzing as they very well should be! Definitely a nice hit to bump throughout the Summer. WATCH/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE

Platinum Family Entertainment - Celebrate Life

The Hip Hop duo Platinum Family Entertainment bring to you an amazing video that has a very simple message... CELEBRATE LIFE! Each and every day is a blessing so you always gotta live it to the fullest and stop stressing over the small things. No matter what genre of music you like, everyone can get behind a hit like this! WATCH/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE


Beezy Franchise - I Just Wanna

Beezy Franchise is on top of his game right now with his brand new video "I Just Wanna". Without a doubt one HOT SUMMER JAM right here! The ladies especially, I know you all will love this for sure. It looks like we've got ourselves an instant hit on our hands!

CLICK HERE to watch the "I Just Wanna" video by Beezy Franchise

GP - Money Walk

Hip Hop artist GP is going all in with his brand new single "Money Walk" which is receiving quite the buzz at the moment as the people are loving it! Haven't heard the new single yet? Then you're definitely missing out! LISTEN/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE

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Sauce Da God - The Lit Tape (Mixtape)

This brand new mixtape by Hip Hop artist Sauce Da God is on FIRE! It's his prelude to his upcoming project "Back II The Basics 2". Nothing but HOT bars right here to hold you down in the meantime. LISTEN/STREAM/DOWNLOAD/SHARE

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I must say, PGKD absolutely went all out in this brand new "Vagabon" video. For any true Hip Hop fan out there, if it's good music that you're looking for, this is the video you need to be watching along with two additional amazing hits by J-LiU titled "Petty" & "That Girl Ain't Mine", definitely a MUST LISTEN! WATCH/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE

Mister Mahad - Money Committee

Hip Hop artist Mister Mahad is killing it all right now with his latest feature in the HOT NEW "Money Committee" video! Definitely a HOT CLUB BANGER that any Hip Hop fan would enjoy! Be sure to check it out now & show love to this amazing up and coming artist! WATCH/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE 

Young G - Kalifornia

"Kalifornia" is the fourth single off of Hip Hop artist Young G's third album G.E.R.A.L.D ( Get Even Right After Life's Decisions). The video was filmed in Compton, Watts, & South Central Los Angeles, California where Young G pays homage to many legends like Eazy E, Dr Dre, & others that inspired him. He also shows his love for California by introducing all of the names of the streets and other scenic attractions. WATCH/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE

CLICK HERE to check out the "G.E.R.A.L.D" album now via iTunes


CLICK HERE to check Young G's latest mixtape "Hustle Or Die Vol. 2" via DatPiff

Jvst Koz - Geronimo

Hip Hop artist Jvst Koz brings to you one OUTSTANDING mini movie of a music video. His flow is hot, the beat is crazy, and the visual is without a doubt an amazing one, now you can never go wrong with that! This new "Geronimo" video is one of the hit singles from his "Loud City" mixtape which is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, & Tidal! WATCH/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE

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Foreign Boyz EP

The Foreign Boyz are on top of their game right now with their HOT NEW self-titled EP! Six OUTSTANDING HITS that I know any true Hip Hop fan would love for sure. Everyone be sure to check out this up and coming Hip Hop group! LISTEN/STREAM/DOWNLOAD NOW via Spinrilla.

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Miss Lady Shadow - Betta On Yo IG

Hip Hop artist Miss Lady Shadow never disappoints when it comes to some HOT CLUB BANGERS! And she's still on top of her game with her "Betta On Yo IG" video. This is a video that you'll most definitely love! WATCH/LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE 

Miss Lady Shadow is without a doubt one of the HOTTEST female artists on the scene right now & her second official mixtape "Girls Gone Wi-Fi" is proof that she is at her best! It is FULL of Bangers, Hood Pop, & twerking music that you all will love, LADIES ESPECIALLY! "Girls Gone Wi-Fi" is hosted by DJ 5X & features Lil Uno from The Pack, Frank Peters, & PokerFace. Download "Girls Gone Wi-Fi" NOW on DatPiff! And also be sure to check out her ALL TIME CLASSIC mixtape "Pretty Green Paper" which features her smash hit "Hit The Pole".

"Pretty Green Paper"

"Girls Gone Wi-Fi"


Sterlyn Jones - Baddie

For decades, we've seen and heard the likes of Usher, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, and various others that have come and gone. The three mentioned have hit the pavements without looking back. Their sound and dance moves have inspired many and has introduced a new wave of male entertainers to this generation. Consumers and media often ask, "Is there room for more?" We say YES! There's room for just one more, it's STERLYN JONES. He stands at 6'2, set in his own lane and he's dominating with style and perfection. His vocals are his weapon. Whereas his dance moves are his shield. The competition can't get any better when in the same category as Mr. Raymond, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Derulo. Mr. Jones has sworn in, taken the oath, and is ready for duty. Check out his brand new INSTANT CLASSIC "Baddie", you will love this!

It's what we like to call "Party music with a message". The "Russian Bunny Princess" album by Hip Hop artist Miss Lady Shadow is what the people have been waiting for! It includes her hit singles "White Girl" & the HUGE INSTANT HIT itself, the classic "Hit The Pole". Can't pass up something that's a MUST HAVE! CLICK HERE to get "Russian Bunny Princess" on iTunes

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FlexIT Girl - Empowerment Through Health & Fitness by Miss Lady Shadow

If you love staying fit, living a healthy lifestyle, & would like great tips & "How To" guides on great exercises, dieting, etc. THEN THIS YOUTUBE SERIES IS FOR YOU! All about Health & Fitness! CLICK HERE for more episodes of FlexIT Girl